Self Love, Self Preservation

What’s Good My Peepo?,

I hope ya’ll are good and life has been treating you well. I have been having a few ups and downs these past couple months. There has been a lot of change and thangs happening, and I have been going crazy trying to keep up with everything! I am working on upgrading the site and adding some new features, including a store where you can grab some “The Hood Nurse” gear. I will also be uploading a new beats and an album for ya’ll to check out! I hope ya’ll dig it! Movin on…

As ya’ll can see in the picture, and title, Imma be talkin bout taking care of yourself and showing yourself a little more love! This is a subject that is becoming increasingly more important to me, and I hope I can inspire ya’ll to love ya self even more. Recently one of my close friends died. I am hurt by this, as I have seen so much death in my life. But, it helped me to further realize that I really need to live my life to the fullest every day. There will always be challenges and problems but it’s all about how I respond to these things that I have control of. I can’t and won’t let anything stop me from achieving my goals and trying to bless my people.

Its important for everyone, especially those who are under incredible stress and pressure, to take time to do something healthy that helps you relax. For me, I have been trying to take time everyday to spend some time in nature to ground myself. I find that when I am in nature I can release all of the tension that I feel and just take in my surroundings. I also sit back listen to music and try to escape in the rhythm. These are just some of the many things I do to get my mind right. So, much happens in my life and sometimes I tend to lose myself and forget what I even like to do what I want in my life. During these times I know its time to slow down, take time to enjoy the moment and recognize that I can make this life what I want to be.

I deal wit depression in a major way ya’ll. the reason is the amount of trauma that I have had to go thru. I finally went to go see a Doc to talk about what my issues are, and the doc stated that I clearly suffer from PTSD. Now, I read some books and watched a few documentaries on PTSD and never would have considered my self a person who has PTSD. I figured it was confined to war veterans or those who have dealt with the like. I told the Doc about some of the things that I had to go through as a kid and Doc’s opinion was I clearly suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. After doin some soul searching and researching I have to agree with the Doc. Know I have the task of trying to find the most productive ways of coping with my issues. The first thing is SELF LOVE. Being able to accept me as I am, but also accept everyone else for who they are.

Unfortunately, we as a society are are not real big on LOVE, and self love is something that the American culture has somehow turned into a taboo. I have met with so many patients and had so many conversations about this that it is more apparent all the time. If we as a society would take more time to love ourselves, as we are, we would be more willing to love others how they are. There is more attention being paid to the negative things that happen in the world, and all the problems we are dealin with, that there is no room for all the great things that happen. It is my personal mission to help bring more positive light in the world and encourage everyone to love themselves, and in turn spread more LOVE.

A person who does not truly LOVE themselves will have a difficult time truly LOVING anyone or anything else, because you have to know LOVE for yourself before you can give true LOVE. This is something that takes practice, more so for some than others. It has taken me years to get to the point to where I know that I truly LOVE myself and enjoy spending time with me. Like I said it took me YEARS! After doing the work of loving me, then I am free to put in the effort to LOVE others, but it starts with me first. This was a long hard lesson that I am still dealin wit!

So my peepo, as I sit here writing this and listen to the HIP-HOP that captured my heart as a kid, I write with a heart of LOVE and and encouraging spirit to live with HOPE and LOVE for the future. Do what makes you smile, and bring that smile and joy to every area of your life. Start with loving yourself and treating yourself with kindness and let it overflow to the rest of your life. Imma work on that too!

This song is going to be my theme song for the year! LOVE and appreciate ya’ll and thank you for readin!

I hope ya’ll stay blessed!


Peace, Love, and Soul,

MaddHadda The Hood Nurse

RIP to the Homie StarChile! You will always be in my heart mane!





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