Put Ya Back In To It Featuring Dr. Maurice Cephus


What’s good my peepo? I hope ya’ll are doin well and things in your world are movin in a positive direction. I know life can get madd hectic, but I be encouraged my peepo, anything worth having is worth working hard for. I been on the grind trying to keep thangs poppin. From finding more people to interview, working on a book, trying to build my beat stack, and just being a dad got me busy; but I love every minute of it. So with that, lets keep it pushin.

This post is special to a brotha cuz I got the chance to interview a person that has been an inspiration of mine for a number of years. He is a Black Male Medical Professional, Entreprenuer,  Father, and good friend. Dr. Maurice Cephus has been a chiropractor for over twenty years and has open and new clinic Centro Chiropractic in Aloha, Oregon. This brotha has me crackin up every time we get the chance to hang out. Dr. Cephus’ personality is very easy to vibe with and he is phenomenal at what he does, buhlee dat!

In this episode Dr. Cephus breaks down how hew became a chiropractor and dropped a few jewels about how to achieve your goals. I had a fantastic time chillin wit my man and choppin it  up with him. He definitely keeps me inspired and motivated to keep doin what I love the most…helping people. I hope ya’ll dig the interview as much as I did. Enjoy!

Love, Peace, and Soul

MaddHadda The Hood Nurse

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