Exquisite Ghetto

Wuz Good My Peepo?, Those of you who know me, know that I’m a big Hip-Hop Head and I’ve made a bunch of music with my brother, “V!RTU” (Cheston Dooley).  As we are maturing we are beginning to explore some of our other interests.  My brother has always shown a propensity towards art, but he… Continue reading Exquisite Ghetto

Erryday, Right On Time

Wuz good my peepo? I hope ya'll been well and the world around you aint gettin you down. I know there's lot goin on in the world, and life can get CRAZY, but I do hope that ya'll find some time to do what you love! I took a little rest during August to get… Continue reading Erryday, Right On Time
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It’s The Diggy Diggy Doc

Wuz Good My Peepo? I hope life is treating ya'll well and positive vibes are surrounding you. As usual, ya'll know ya boy been on the GRIND. Thanks to all ya'll support I have been able to get in contact with more folx to hook ya'll with some interesting interviews. I also been grinding tryin' to get… Continue reading It’s The Diggy Diggy Doc

Give Me A Beat!

Yo, Wuz good my people? I hope ya'll have been blessed and thangs are going good for ya'll. Ya boy been doing well. I have been crazy busy, but I am doin alright. The hospital has been packed, the family is keeping ya boy occupied, and I been grinding trying to get the new format… Continue reading Give Me A Beat!