Lock Down: Da Quarantine

Wuz good my peepo?

Its been a min since I posted. I hope all of you are well and the world is spinnin in the right direction for you. Ya boy been super busy, but a little bit more than usual in this case. Of course there has been a gang of thangs happening recently with the Corona Virus and the quarantine situation. I been working on school and helping my kids do school at the same time, and I am at the hospital working as well. plus I got a few other things goin down. As you can see I have been working on the site adding new products, but I have also been making other business moves on another project I have in the works. But all in all, I been doin real well and I truly appreciate the love ya’ll been sending my way. Thank you very much. Movin on…

The Covid

Ya’ll I hate to break it to you but this virus a going anywhere anytime soon. Viruses stick around for a long time and tend to mutate, or change structure, over time giving them the ability to hang around for a while. I will leave a reference at the bottom for yall to check out if you want to read deeper into what I am saying. The short and easy is that viruses use the DNA or RNA of a person to replicate. After it builds up in your system you get “sick” but really you been infected with the virus for a while. And because every one’s DNA is different, the virus is not going to be the same for everyone. Some peepo may show up with symptoms, and other peepo will not. Some peepo may become sick and get over it while others will get sick and pass away. All of this depends upon the person and if you have other health problems it can put you at an increased risk of getting sick.

I understand that the stay home situation is difficult for some, and is causing a hell of a lot of financial problems, but it really is for the best. It could have been much worse if we did not stay inside. Even tho some places might be opening back up, please still use caution and try to keep your distance.  Like I said some peepo may have the virus and not know cause they don’t have symptoms, but could possibly get someone sick even though they don’t feel it themselves. The best thing peepo can do is keep they hygiene up. Make sure you washin yo stank hands and cover yo cough in your arm not yo hands. Just use some commonsense about how to keep clean and keep yo distance and you should be straight. On a good note, the virus is slowing down in infection rates, and will continue to do so as long as you keep the hygiene up and give a mufugguh some distance.

The Opportunity

During this time when everything is shut down, peepo like myself are taking the opportunity to maximize the time. I have more time with my kids (even tho some times they be on my last dam nerve), I have the opportunity to get more research done for school, I have  time to finish working on projects I  been letting slide to the background cause they have not been priority. So, this time is an opportunity to reinvent your self and try something you have always wanted to do but never had the time. The older I get the more I realize time is our greatest asset not the things we can acquire. With that said I hope you get the chance to make the best of your time, whether its a new adventure or a new business idea, try to make the most of your time.

Final Thought

I just want to say thank you to all the peepo out there putting their health and loved ones on the line to keep what little we do have crackin going. It is an incredible sacrifice to put your self on the front;ine to serve others. One of my favorite parts in the bible is when Jesus said, there is no greater love than this, when a person is willing to give their life for a friend. I must agree and say thank you for the love cause you don’t have to but you do. I truly appreciate you.


Love, Peace, and Soul





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