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Wuz Good World?,

I hope everything has been good with ya’ll over the past couple  of weeks. Ya boy has been busy as usual. I have had a lot of ups and downs over the past couple of weeks, but everything turned out okay. Sometimes juggling being a nurse with all of my other responsibilities is difficult. The good thing is that I love what I do! I have been thinking about the next topic to hit ya’ll with over the past couple days. And the winner is…movement! This is a topic that people hear about regularly but most don’t break it down in a way we can understand. So, here is a little breakdown about how moving effects yo body.

Muscles and Bones (Mus-cu-lo-skel-e-tal)

The muscles in your body are not just for looking good in swimsuits and playin sports! LOL.  Most of ya’ll know that its the muscles in our bodies that keep our bones movin, but the muscles also act as a pump to keep the blood in our bodies movin.  The heart does a GREAT job, if you don’t have heart disease, pumping the blood out to the body. But, it is our other muscles that bring that blood back to that heart. This is another reason it is important to keep movin! Movin makes it so your heart doesn’t have to work so hard to keep that blood moving. Taking a walk for 30-60 minutes a day can help to lower your blood pressure and build strength. The impact from walking also helps to build up your bones. Just a lil nugget of info for ya.

Stomach and Stuff (Gas-tro-in-test-in-al)

This here is kinda funny. When I found this out I was laughin, but it makes sense! Moving helps to keep you regular! In the medical field we call it bowel motility.  Walking around will help last night’s meal come out a little bit easier! Just a little something to assist wit the load!

Lymphatic System (Limp-ff-at-ic)

This is a system in our bodies that helps to fight off infections and things. I will get a little deeper into the lymph system in another post. For now, I will tell ya’ll that a large number of our white blood cells (WBC’s) hang out in the lymph system to help keep us from getting sick. The lymphatic system is also dependent on movement to get the lymph fluid movin around the body.

Heart (Car-di-o-vas-cu-lar)

Okay, I have mentioned to ya’ll before that I am a heart nurse, so this topic is my favorite. Movement helps the heart in many different ways ranging from better pump action from the heart, to less pressure needed to get the job done. Movement is great for heart health, and as a nurse I am always trying to get my patients to keep it moving.

Helpful Tools

You never know what life is going to throw at you, and we all get real busy doing what ever it is that we are doing. The thing is, you need to take time out each day just for you. Do something that is going to make you a better you everyday. Doing small things like taking a walk with your friend, dog, or kids. Going for a hike in the woods to take in the beauty of nature. Riding a bike into town to do some shopping, or just going for a nice ride. What ever you do, try to keep moving as much as you can. It will keep moving well into your old age and you will thank yourself for it later. Exercise is always a great thing, but it is important to find a way that will keep you moving. Going to the gym everyday don’t work for everybody. I personally would rather go for a walk in the park than go to the gym. Remember lasting change takes time. There is many more ways moving helps the body ya’ll this is just a short breakdown.


Have a blessed week ya’ll and I will holla at you soon!


MaddHadda aka The Hood Nurse.


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