Just Breathe – Episode 7 Feat. Jasmine Calhoun

Wuz Good Peepo?,

I hope ya’ll are well and everything in your world is rollin smoothly. I have been working on a few different things trying to stay active and find out ways to get more content. I recently reached out to a big bruh of mine to get some guidance on how to take things a little further. I have been dealin with life challenges as well. I am moving out of my current home to a different spot, which has me puttin my kids in different schools and extending my commute to the hospital…ya’ll know how life goes. Besides all the life thangs all is well and I cannot complain (it never does any god any way). Moving on…

I was extremely happy to do this interview with amazing person. I have worked with her for a couple years and have personally seen her perform some miraculous stuff to keep patients alive. Jasmine Calhoun RT is a dope person and a well established Respiratory Therapist (RT). If ya’ll have never heard of a respiratory therapist or know what they do, Jasmine breaks that down in this video. Respiratory therapists work all over the hospital helping people get that much needed oxygen. It is certainly a fast paced occupation dealin with a number of complex medical issues, so if that is something you want in a career, RT is something you might want to look in to. I had a great time doing this interview and getting to know my peoples a little bit better. I hope ya’ll get some good info, encouragement, and inspiration from this interview, I did fa sho. Enjoy my peepo.


Love, Peace, and Soul


The Hood Nurse

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