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Wuz Good My Peepo?

I hope life is treating ya’ll well and positive vibes are surrounding you. As usual, ya’ll know ya boy been on the GRIND. Thanks to all ya’ll support I have been able to get in contact with more folx to hook ya’ll with some interesting interviews. I also been grinding tryin’ to get this thang ready to take on the road ya’ll. Ya boy got plans of takin’ The Hood Nurse to the public. I got a few thangs in the works to get into the schools to reach the youth a lil’ better. We tryin’ to expand, and with ya’lls support we can get that crackin’. Movin’ on to the next…

For this episode of The Hood Nurse I got the opportunity to sit down with, Chuck Goldberg, MD. It was a privilege to sit down wit Chuck and have him drop a few gems on us. I had the opportunity to meet Chuck through a friend who took interest in It was Chuck who gave me the idea to start doing the video interviews. I really appreciate the help and encouragement that Chuck has given to me. It is always great to know that you have support from great people! I had a great time talkin’ with Chuck because he is a genuinely cool cat on and off camera.

This interview was fun simply because Chuck was very candid and direct with his responses. Chuck’s is an inspiring example; his passion for healthcare helps people to maintain a healthy lifestyle which is something we can all use more of.  I hope ya’ll enjoy this interview with Chuck.

Peace, Love, and Soul


MaddHadda aka The Hood Nurse

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