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Wuz Good My Peepo?

I hope all is well with y’all and the world is turnin in the right direction for y’all. I have been movin like crazy, including my address. I been out in the community trying get the word out about The Hood Nurse movement. I have been speaking at universities and high schools, and connecting with the local hood folx to help bring awareness to Hood Health Issues; I am also working to assist in diversifying the medical community as a whole.

In the midst of all of the movement I want to slow down hook up this post for y’all, as promised. I have to speak on this topic because it hits home and has had a definite effect on my life. I have had several people in my life either get sick and have to go through cancer treatment, or develop cancer and pass away. Both of them have had an impact on my life in a major way.

So, Imma break down the basics of cancer and how it works. Let me first say that this is a simple break down and there are several different types of cancer. I will be talkin about cancerous tumors and the basics of how they are formed and how they can effect the body in people who have them.

First, we have to take it down to the single cell. There are several parts within the cell that keep it functioning normally. At the center of the cell is the nucleus which holds all the info needed to keep the cell alive and healthy. Some cells in the body regularly divide like skin cells and cells in the liver. There are genes in the cell’s nucleus that tell the cell to stop growin and dividing called tumor suppressor genes. Well in the case of peepo who grow tumors, the cells don’t get the messages sent from the tumor suppressor genes and they continue to grow and divide creating a cancerous tumor, or clump of cells.

The Treatment

There are a few different ways to get help with tumors all of them have their own problems attached to them. One way to get rid of a cancerous tumor is to have surgery to get it cut out. One of the major issues with having any surgery is getting an infection, but this is also one of the best ways to get rid of the cancer completely.

Another way to get rid of tumors is thru radiation (ray-dee-a-shun).  This is where doctors use something like a laser to target the tumor to break it apart. The issue with the radiation is that is burns and can cause open wounds and blisters to form.

The final way to get rid of tumors is through chemotherapy. Basically, doctors use different medications to get rid of the tumor. The problem with these medications is that they dont just get rid of the tumor but they damage healthy cells too. This is why some peepo loose their hair when on chemotherapy, because hair cells divide fast and these drugs are designed to target fast growing cells.

I hope this helps explain a little bit about how cancerous tumors grow in the body.



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