It runs in my blood stream

Wuz good my people?

I hope everything has  been cool with everyone. Ya boy has been really busy with work, family, and that invention I told ya’ll about (more on that soon). I wanted to put ya up on some info about blood. Everyone of us has different amounts of blood running through our arteries and veins. The type of blood that we all have is different too. So check, this may be review to some people but all new to others, so if you up on this already you can skip to the story at the end. For those of ya’ll that don’t know, peep game.

Blood Types

What the letters and math symbols mean (A,B, AB, O, -, +).

Alright ya’ll, our blood is made up of a gang of little cells (red blood cells & white blood cells) and fluid called plasma. Each of these red blood cells has a “tag” on it that says I am an A, or I am a B, or I am an AB, or I am an O. These tags on the outside of the cells are the body’s way of telling what type of blood you have. The (+ & -) are your rhesus (ree-sus) factor. The name comes from the Rhesus monkeys that were being experimented with. Some scientist found that they have a “tag” on their blood cells that  humans have too. Some people have the rhesus factor (+), and some people do not (-). It is extremely important that when a person is getting blood that they get the right type. If a person has lost blood for any reason and needs some blood, and the blood they get does not match their own, then it causes a reaction where the blood clumps up into a mushy ball, no good! This will have you knockin on Heaven’s door fa sho.

White Blood Cells (WBC)

The WBC in our bodies are really dope. They are like an army of soldiers roaming around your body looking for enemies to kill. That’s right, the body has a built in security system. There are a bunch of different kinds of WBC too. Each of these WBC have a different type of enemy they attack, but the the end result is the same…death to pathogens! Path-o-gens is the scientific name for bacteria and viruses, or anything that causes harm to the body. WBC are the body’s way of keep you from getting sick. Sometimes the attack form the pathogens is too strong, that is when anti-bi-otics come into play. The deal is though that antibiotics only work on bacteria and NOT viruses. So if you got a cold, do not go lookin for antibiotics because they will not help.

The Story

I was just getting on shift and getting the information I need for my patients. I got report from the day shift nurse and said hello to the people I would be serving for the night. I proceeded to go into my patients room to take vital signs and do an assessment. The patient said to me that they needed to use the restroom. I said “certainly, that is no problem at at all.” I then prepped the room to help the patient to get to the bathroom safely. As the patient stood to their feet, they started to loose balance, so I assisted them back to the bed. The patient said, “give me a minute.” I said to the patient “Take your time, your safety is the most important thing here.” After a few minutes the patient tried again to get up , but again it did not go well. The patient said they were feelin lightheaded. I then tried to help the patient to lay down. The patient fell back onto the bed and began to turn grey. I was major worried at this point. I called for help to get the patient into the bed, but when help arrived the patient began to bleed an insane amount of blood from where poop comes out. I pushed the code blue button, because I was scared and did not know what else to do. Doctors and nurses ran into the room and began to help me treat this patient. Long story short, I wound up having to give this patient some blood.

Thankfully, it is mandatory that two nurses be in the room when starting blood to make sure no mistakes are made. I gave the patient blood and by the morning the doctors figured out the plan and the patient was on their way to recovery. I was scared but I maintained calm and was able to help this patient the best way that I could. I love my job and I feel privileged to help people when they need it the most.

Stay strong ya’ll, keep it pushin, and have a blessed week!


Maddhadda aka The Hood Nurse


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