Financial Fitness Featuring Team Vision

Wuz Good My Peepo?!

I hope ya’ll are well round your parts. I have been on the move as usual ya’ll. I registered for my MSN program to get my Family Nurse Practitioners License. I have been working with graphic designers to get more material for Hood Gear. And I have been grinding to get more interviews on the website. I have been loving every minute of it too. I have a few other things in the works as well that I will be puttin ya’ll up on soon. Movin on…

This was a spur of the moment interview that was actually really dope. I met Amber Witherspoon on Facebook. I put up a post in a mutual group we are. I asked if there are any POC people, who are in the medical field, who would like to be interviewed for Amber contacted me asking if Financial Health counts. I gave it a quick thought and said, yes, Financial Health counts. We met up the next day so that I can see what her Financial Health Profession was like. After seeing what she does, I had to go ahead and interview her for Team Vision does a great job of making financial literacy simple.

I have had several struggles with finances in the past, including bankruptcy. I still have struggles with keeping my money straight sometimes, so I figured this was an appropriate topic for us yo cover. It has taken me a long time to realize “it is not how much money you make, but how much you keep.” This is a principal is something I work on practicing everyday. I if don’t practice this principal I will be right back in the RV. I certainly ain’t tryin to deal with that, so let’s get this Financial Health in order, so we can progress to true freedom ya’ll.

I hope that this video encourages you to get yo thang together like it has done for me. I am planning on keeping in contact with Team Vision to keep ya boy on track. Take a look at the video. I hope it helps! Blessings to ya’ll!

Love, Peace and Soul

MaddHadda aka The Hood Nurse

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