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Wuz good my peepo?

I hope ya’ll been well and the world around you aint gettin you down. I know there’s lot goin on in the world, and life can get CRAZY, but I do hope that ya’ll find some time to do what you love! I took a little rest during August to get my head right and cook up new thangs for ya’ll. I will be adding a few new things to the site and providing different services for ya’ll. As I always say we need to keep it pushing and progressing! I truly appreciate all the support YA’LL! I could not and would not be able to do this without all the encouragement and love! Thank YOU! Movin On…

I want to hit my folx wit something I been seeing at the hospital a lot lately. I have also been doing a bit of research on this topic and find that it is quite a big problem. What I am speakin on is taking medications on time! Peep, don’t get it twisted, if there is a natural way for you to get your ailments handled, then please DO DAT! But, If you are on specific medications that help keep you healthy and alive, please make sure you takin them joints everyday at the same time. Try  to get on a regular schedule that will be easy to keep up on. Check, it is extremely important to know what medications are being prescribed and why you taking them. A gang of the patients I care for at the hospital come back, over and over again, just because they are not taking their medications on a regular basis! An article in the Journal of  General Internal Medicine called “Motivational Interviewing Improves Medication Adherence” written by Ana Palacio stated 33% to 69% of people come back to the hospital because the are not takin their medications regularly! That aint good ya’ll and is major expensive! Fa sho this is  something that can definitely be prevented.

I hate to sound like ya boy is preachin , but check it, the major types of medications that I see people return to the hospital for is heart, diabetes, and depression related prescriptions. Missing doses of these medications can have very harmful effects on a person, and over time can cause major damage to the body. A gang of ya’ll have family, or friends on these types of medications. If you are any anyway involved in caring for yo Nana or Papa, and they take medications to stay “normal”, then you should make sure they take their meds on a regular schedule yo! Or, you may have a friend that takes meds for depression. Sometimes, people who take these meds begin to feel “better” and stop taking their meds and it causes ill withdraw effects. So imma step off the SOAP BOX and give ya’ll small list of each kind of meds to look out for if you got fam takin these meds. Here is a short list of some of the major names

The Heart Scripts

The olols – These are Beta Signal Blocker that lower the heart rate and blood pressure.

Metoprolol – Lopressor

Carvedilol – Coreg

Labetalol -Trandate

atenolol – Tenormin

The Dipines – These are Calcium Channel Blockers that relax vascular smooth muscle

Amlodipine – Norvasc

Nicardipine – Cardene

Nifedipine – Procardia

“Water Pills”

These medications are diuretics that make folx pee like the hose is on full blast yo!

Furosimide – Lasix

Bumetanide – Bumex

Spironolactone – Aldactone

Hydro chloro thia zide – Esidrix

The Diabetes Scripts

Insulin and medications

Humalog – Insulin fast acting

Novolog – Insulin Fast acting

Lantus – Insulin Long acting

Metformin  – Works to regulate blood sugar levels

Anti-Depression Scripts

Amitriptyline – Elavil

Venlafaxine – Effexor

Bupropion – Wellbutrin

Fluoxetine  – Prozac

This is a short list of many more medications ya’ll. The point here is to know what medications are being taken and why they are being prescribed.

The Story

I was near the end of my shift when my charge nurse tells me that I have a patient coming that is being transferred from another hospital. I told the charge no problem I will be happy to get them settled in and taken care of when they arrive. So, forty minutes before the shift ends the patient shows up on the stretcher. As I assist the patient to their feet I begin to recognize this patient from a couple of weeks prior. I saw this person in the hall walking around in a patient gown, but i never took care of them before. As I began to get the patient settled into the room I said the them, “You were just here a couple weeks ago. What are you doing back here? I know you love us and errythang, but the hospital is not the place you want to hang out.” After laffing for a sec and the patient flippin me the center finger, I ask the patient if he forgot to take his meds any time during the last couple of weeks. Again, after flippin me the center finger, the patient said,” Well what had happened was…”. You know I was laffin after I heard that! But, after the chuckle I got serious with the patient and got them to see the importance of taking their meds on a regular schedule!


I hope this helps ya’ll! And definitely get more info about you, or yo loved ones, medications and keep them on they game.

Love, Peace, and Soul


MaddHadda aka The Hood Nurse


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