Episode #9 Redefine The Mind Ft. Keith Dempsey, PhD

Wuz Good My Peepo?!

I hope yall have been well and everything in your world is goin in a positive direction. I been out on vacation, spending time with my sons, and some time with other friends and family. I have been working on several different projects that I hope to have done in the near future. Some of the things I have been working on is new T-shirt designs, as well as putting together a new exclusive Hood Nurse scrub set. I hope to have these things available soon. I also started school so I could get my masters in nursing to become a family nurse practitioner. I believe I will be able to help more of my people, and provide another solid option for a health care provider. So, with all that ya boy been hella busy. But we keeps it movin tho.

For this episode of The Hood Nurse I got the chance to sit down with a really dope individual. When I tell you this cat is 100% I mean that in the realest way. Keith Dempsey PhD is a brotha I met through a friend who wanted me to do an personal interview for the incoming freshman at the university I went to. I agreed to do the interview, and a few days later I got a call from Keith introducing himself and letting me know he would be the one interviewing me. He asked me a series of questions over the phone, and then asked if I would be comfortable answering them in front of a crowd. Being that I am an open book I went ahead with the interview and it went extremely well.

After graduation I lost contact with Keith and went several years without speaking to him. I thought about him every now and again recalling the interview I did with him. One day I was out at a local market, just seeing what was poppin, cuz it was an all black peepo street market and I wanted to go support my folx. So, as I was walking past one of the booths I hear someone call my name. I turned around and it was Keith standing there. I was extremely happy to see this brotha and excited to talk to him and tell him that I made thru nursing school and got my bachelors degree. He was happy to see me as well, we exchanged a few laughs and talked for a bit and I asked if I could contact him later. Keith agreed to let me interview him and the result was real dope. He  is truly a awesome human and you can feel the spirit of GOD just beamin of this cat. Keith has his PhD in psychology and is also a counselor. If ya’ll ever need a solid cat to talk to please hit him up, cuz it aint nothin wrong wit gettin a little help when you need it.

Keepin it all the way real, in the black community we tend to try to push that conversation about depression and mental health aside. I my self have made the mistake of assuming someone was trippin when really they are suffering from depression. Its real real issue yall, and a conversation we need to bring to the forefront.

I hope get as much out of the interview as I did. Keith is a fantastic individual, and I hope the info he puts up on here will help somebody. thanks for taking the time to check in on ya boy. Enjoy ya’ll.

Love, Peace and Soul,


The Hood Nurse

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