Episode #6 Feat. Carlos Chavez (Morpheus Youth Project)

Yo, whats good my peepo?

I hope ya’ll are well and life is goin well with ya’ll. I have been getting into the swing of things trying to get adjusted to this new life I got crackin. I have been trying to keep some sort of focus and balance but I ain’t always successful, ya dig? I been trying to be a good dad, a good nurse, a good friend and still have time for me too. Some times it seems daunting, but I shall proceed and continue…Aside from the grind of life ya boy is not doin too bad. I been tryin to make some moves and update a few things with the site. Let me know what you think. Movin on…

For this episode of The Hood Nurse I decided to chop it up with a real dope brotha. I was out and about with some folx at a local street market, not to far from where I live at. I was wandering around the spot when I saw a dope graffiti piece out the corner of my eye. The joint was hot! It has some dope lettering and the colors where real vibrant. So, I stepped over to the piece to take a closer look at it, and I asked the cat that was standing closest to the piece if I could take a flick. The brotha was very gracious and told me, “go ahead.” I asked him if he was the person who did the piece, cause I noticed some paint on his hands. He then confirmed he was the artist. I started choppin it up more with the brotha to find out what he was doin at the street market. It turns out, this cat does a gang of good work in the community. I was major happy, because I really like seeing POC (peepo of color-for those that don’t know) making a positive difference in they hoods. I asked the brotha if he would be willing to sit down with me to do a short interview highlighting what he is doin, and he willing accepted the interview.

Carlos Chavez of the Morpheus Youth Project works with youth that have ran into trouble out in these streets. Carlos created the Morpheus Youth Project to give these young peepo an outlet thru Hip Hop art. Carlos uses the elements of Hip Hop to guide these young peepo to a better way of living. Carlos and his team hold workshops to teach the youth how to create dope graff pieces, break, DJ, and rhyme. As a Hip Hop head myself, I truly appreciate what this brotha is doin cause he is using Hip Hop in its truest form. He is teaching the future about the culture and how to live it out. For those of ya’ll that don’t know, Hip Hop is a lifestyle, not just a form of music. The music comes out of the spirit of the person who is living a Hip Hop lifestyle. Moving on…

Here is the interview I was blessed to do with Carlos to get a little deeper into what he is doing and how he is impacting the future in a positive way. It was truly a dope privilege to sit down with this brotha. I hope you get inspired the way I was when I met this cat. Thanks for tuning in ya’ll.



Love, Peace and Soul,


MaddHadda aka The Hood Nurse

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