Episode #5 Featuring StarChile

Wuz Good My Peepo?,

I hope ya’ll are well and life is great for ya’ll. I know thangs can get a little crazy on this planet we live in, but I hope love is surrounding your lives! I have been Ahight for the last couple of weeks! To be totally honest I was dealin wit a little bit of depression and trying not to break down. Sometimes, I get haunted by my past and I tend to get very quiet and distant. During these times is when I realize I need to do a little soul searchin, so that I can clear my mind and focus on the MANY blessings I have been given. One of those major blessings is Ya’ll! My Hood Nurse Family! It has been very encouraging to watch this grow. It has been a great release for me and I truly appreciate the fact Ya’ll are willing to take time out of your busy lives to check out what I’m doin! Thank you very much! Movin on…

For this episode I sat down with a person who I respect and admire. He is active in the community and in the Hip-Hop scene in the NW. My man, StarChile is Real, Witty, and very humorous. I have had the pleasure of knowing and watching this brotha for many years. StarChile is truly a blessing to those who know him, and he has inspired me for many years. During this episode ya’ll will get a chance to see why this brotha is so cool. I always have a great time chillin with Star. The brotha is honest with his opinion and has no problem letting you know what he is thinkin! I truly appreciate this brotha, and after you see the interview you will too! I hope ya’ll enjoy watching as much as I did filmin!


Love, Peace, and Soul

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