Episode #4 The Ol Ticker’ Featuring Mark Puhlman

Wuz Good My Peepo?!

I hope ya’ll been blessed and life has been treating you well. I have been working and trying to progress as usual. I been working on getting thangs ready to bring The Hood Nurse to the public, and get new fresh ideas from up and coming medical professionals! There are a few other thangs ya boy got cookin, but I will put ya’ll up on that when the time is right. Gettin these interviews done has been a challenge, but I enjoy every bit of it! I have the privilege of talking to some pretty amazing people! For example, during Episode #4,  I got the opportunity to chop it up with Mark Puhlman the Doctor Nurse!

The conversation with Mark was dope, because we both share an interest in the heart. From the beginning of my education I always had a very strong interest in the way the heart works! The heart is an amazing organ an is worth getting to know more about. The field of cardiology (car-d ol-o-gee) is fast paced with a number of skill challenging situations to keep a nurse on they toes! Thangs can get quite hectic on the floor, especially when there is a CODE and everybody has to rush to perform CPR on somebody. This is always on the back of my mind while I am doing what I love to do. Cardiology nursing can be truly exciting!

In this episode, Mark breaks heart failure down a lil bit and describes what an LVAD is. There is a gang of solid information in this video for ya’ll to chew on. The hope is to get some of ya’ll intrigued about the medical field, and make ya’ll want to get involved. There is nothing like caring for someone in their most vulnerable state and helping to heal their illness. Heart failure is a major problem in the world and there are ways for us to get those numbers down without having to use medical help.

I hope yall enjoy the video and you are able to soak up something that will help you. Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment, I would love to hear what ya’ll have to say. Holla at cha boy!



Peace, Love and Soul!


MaddHadda aka The Hood Nurse

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