Episode #2 DYE AL LUH SIS (Featuring Tad Beatty)

Wuz Good My Peepo?

I hope all is well with ya’ll and the world is treating ya’ll right! I have been on the move yo! Ya boy been busy at the hospital and out here in world trying to get thangs done. I been working on getting more content for ya’ll, and also workin on getting thangs prepared to grow! From scheduling future interviews to getting The Hood Nurse Gear crackin, ya boy has been makin moves likes a queen on a chess board! Never the less, it is and will always be worth the effort! I love being able to help my folx get the info they need. So, with that being said here we go….

For this episode of The Hood Nurse I went to chop it up with, Tad Beatty, the CEO of the National Dialysis Medical School. Tad, as he breaks down in the video, is more on the business side of the dialysis world, but has a pretty good handle on what dialysis is and how it works. It was great to hang out with Tad and find out a lil bit about who he is, and about his dedication to helping people grow! I have had the opportunity to care for patients who are on dialysis and Tad paints a very good picture of what life is like for these folx. People who suffer from renal, or as errybody else says, kidney disease know that the treatment involved takes over your life and is a very hard thing to cope with.

The hope for this episode was to break down what dialysis is. Also, to hopefully get some of you folx out there, who maybe interested in the medical field, to look into this area of care. The dialysis field can be very challenging, but it can also be very rewarding. As I always say…There is nothing like having the privilege to help some one in need! The Hood Nurse is all about given a helpin hand to the next person, so that next person can give a helpin hand to someone who needs it.

There is a gang of great information in here ya’ll. Go ahead and peep it out and get ya learn on! Stay tuned to The Hood Nurse cuz ya boy is definitely workin on getting more thangs poppin!

I hope this helps!

Love, Peace, and Soul,

MaddHadda aka The Hood Nurse

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