Dye ya beat essss!

Wuz good world?!

I hope all ya’ll have been well. I know it gets hard out here in this crazy world we live in! Ya boy has been workin hard and trying take advantage of every breath I get the opportunity to push out of my lungs. Since the last post I have been searching for different things to put ya’ll up on. The thing that I have seen the most of since the last post is diabetes (Dye-ya-beat-esss). Yo, this is a major issue! Especially for those of us who come from the low income side of  life. Ya’ll know I am very passionate about giving my folx from the hood the information they need about things that affect and effect us the most! Diabetes is a beast ya’ll, and there are two different types. The type a person has will determine how to treat each one. So, I’m going to put ya up on game about how each one effects the body and how to help with each one.

Type 1

This type is a hard one to deal with! This one usually hits a person in the early years of their life, around 6 years old, but it has also been known to show up later. Alright ya’ll here is the deal. Yo pancreas, the highlighted organ in the picture above, has cells in it that make a hormone called “insulin”. This hormone causes the cells in your body to break out a “straw”(open up a channel) and “drink” (take in) the sugar in yo blood known as “glucose”. Now, when a person has Type 1 diabetes the cells in their pancreas are not making enough, or any of that insulin that tells their cells that glucose is on tap! Now if their cells are not getting the call the persons glucose levels go to the moon mane! This condition is known as “Hyperglycemia” (Hyper-gly-seem-e-ah). Bad news! This puts a strain on every organ in the body and if not kept under control can cause a person to go searching for a headstone. People with Type 1 diabetes can also get really low blood sugar from not taking in enough good food. This condition is called “Hypoglycemia” (Hypo-gly-seem-e-ah).

Now, people who have Type 1 diabetes have to take insulin for the rest of their lives. This is hard because keeping a close eye on their glucose levels requires poking themselves with a needle several times a day to get a blood sample. You know that has to suck! If their blood sugar is too high they need more insulin, if their blood sugar is too low then the need to have a quick source of sugar such as a soda, or some orange juice. It is important for people with Type 1 diabetes keep a close eye on their blood sugar levels during times of activity so that their blood sugar does not drop to low.

Type 2

This type of diabetes effects low income folx the most. In Type 2 diabetes, unlike Type 1, the cells in the body become resistant to the insulin the pancreas is making. This generally happens to people who carry around a little more weight that usual, some big boned folx. But, Type 2 can affect anyone, do not get it twisted. So, that being said, Type 2 diabetes is generally a preventable condition. People with Type 2 diabetes need to take insulin as well, but a healthy diet with a good amount of exercise can drastically reduce the amount medical help needed.  People who develop Type 2 diabetes need to check their blood sugar often as well to be sure that it does not get too high (this is the main issue with Type 2).


The Help

Okay my people, here is some ways to help cope with diabetes.

Normal Average Blood Sugar for an ADULT is –  60 – 120

Type 1 – Keep a close eye on your blood glucose. If you are active, keep a proper supply of quick sugar with you so you do not crash. Notify you health care provider if your blood sugar remains too high, or too low. Keep a balanced diet. And you may want to keep a soft drink next to the bed at night in case your sugars dip too low while you are asleep.

Type 2 – Keep a close eye on your blood glucose. If you are on the heavier side be sure to step  up your daily activity. Try to go for a half hour walk each day and step it up from there. Make sure to eat a balanced diet. I know this is really hard when you on a super tight budget, but little things help. Try to add a vegetable to every meal, and cut out things like soda as much possible.


Check it ya’ll. Diabetes is a complicated condition to deal with, but the more knowledge you have the better you can deal with the problem. I have only touched the surface here ya’ll. Diabetes goes way deeper than this, but I want to help my hood folx as much as I can!

I hope this helps ya’ll!



Maddhadda aka The Hood Nurse

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