Dat Porcupine Treatment And Alternative Medicines


What’s good my people? Been a loooong time since I put up a post. I have been dealing with a whole lot of life. Between dealing with work, trying to balance business and family, and also get some ME time ya boy been going crazy. In fact, I was dealing with depression in a major way, and was not feeling like writing or doing anything else for that matter. The best thing is to be honest with what Im going through because there are so many people out there dealing with the same thang. So, for my folks out there suffering with depression and the woes of life, believe there is someone out there that is going through it to. Please do not be afraid,or hesitate to reach out when you need help. We all need a shoulder sometimes. As of right now, ya boy is straight and I am feeling good about life and what each day is going bring. Hopefully I can help bring a little positive love your way!

So, with that being said Imma put ya’ll up on some of the things I been up to. I been working on meeting new people, and finding POC (people of color), who are in the medical field to interview. It is important to me to highlight the fact that there is more to POC in the medical field and it is an extremely dope profession! I have linked up with a few folks and will be bring their stories to ya’ll as well. Movin on…

Ya’ll might be wondering why I got this porcupine staring ya’ll down? Well, it has to do with me going to go get acupuncture for the very first time. I was hella scared and assumed I was going to get poked full of holes, like after a bad encounter with a porcupine! I had no idea what to expect, or where they thought they they were about to put them needles. The picture below is what I had in mind and I was not about to let somebody do that to me at any point in my life!

Fortunately, this picture is a major exaggeration of what acupuncture really is, or at least the treatment I got. The place that I went to is called Working Class Acupuncture. Just by the name I felt a little more comfortable going there, because I am a working class cat! The spot has a dope ambiance with a very chill vibe to it. The practitioner explained everything she was going to do and made sure that I felt comfortable about letting her poke holes in my body.  After agreeing to the, as she explained it “small punctures”, she lead me to a a dark quiet room with recliners in it. She then laid down a blanket on a recliner and asked me to get comfortable. I sat down in the chair still very nervous about what is going to take place and tried to chill as much as possible. Taking deep breaths and talkin to my self like “its gonna be okay bruh don’t flip out”. I was also thinkin if this hurts boy I’m bout to just get up and walk out. The acupuncturist pulled out a fresh pack of needles and began to quickly put the needles in my person! She started at my feet and worked her way up to my head. The pokes did really hurt at all, and believe me I was major relieved! The only ones that felt a lil weird was the ones she put in me ear and forehead, other than that it was too bad at all. So, after i woke up…lol, I felt major relaxed like I was chillin in a spa or something. It was amazing! I certainly plan on doing that again, but next time I won’t be so scared! Here are a few pictures of my session.

I always advocate for my patients to find natural ways of healing, because ALL medications come with side effects and over time they can damage the body. So if there is a way that someone can get relief for their ailment, including me, I always suggest a natural way to get it done. I get on the web a do research on google and google scholar and try to find what works for my issues, and believe I have them. I’m going to keep seeking out new experiences to help bring more quality information to ya’ll. Much love my people and thanks for reading!


Love, Peace, and Soul

MaddHadda The Hood Nurse

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