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Wuz good Ya’ll?

I know the world around you is full of chaos, but I hope that you are able to find peace in the midst of it all. As ya’ll know ya boy stay busy, so I been trying to get some things poppin to help enhance the site and information a little bit more. The past month has been full of excitement from starting video interviews, to getting my first opportunity to speak as The Hood Nurse! It has been a fantastic and educational time and I am doing my best to continue the trend yo! So check, for this post I wanted to tell ya’ll the teaching opportunity  I had the privilege to take advantage of. It was an incredible experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. I learned as much as I taught and was inspired by the next generation of young men that will be taking my place when I pass like gas.  LOL…These young cats are smart and completely engaged in what is happening around them. The folx that I met are enthusiastic about the future, because they KNOW that they have the opportunity to make this life what they want it to be. I was very honored to have the chance to share with them! Let me break it down for ya’ll.

First, I have to tell ya’ll about the Mente Summit and the impact they are having on young Latinx men. The Mente Summit was about bringing young Latinx men together, from high school to college students, to encourage them to get into and continue on in higher education. The summit had a wide variety of topics for these young men to engage in. There were sessions concerning social issues about how to create a bond between the Latinx and Black communities; to these young men learning about the Affordable Care Act and how it is impacting the Latinx population. The educational opportunities were everywhere and it seemed  these cats were ready to take advantage of all of them. The young men at the Summit were hopeful that they could make an impact on the future, to help get more Latinx men and women to graduate college. I felt genuinely blessed to have the chance to see the whole thing. It was a really dope experience!

One of the things that made this whole experience really dope is, I was able to hold a workshop at the very place I went to class to get started on my nursing degree! That thurr made a brotha smile for sho! It felt like a dream. I was going to the college to step on to the campus to teach this time. If you could imagine a large mushroom cloud coming out the top of my skull, that is how I felt. I would have never in my life thought, MaddHadda the high school drop out, would be teaching at a college. Oh how life can change when you really start following your dreams. If you can dream it, you can work hard and make that dream become real life! Real Talk!

The Session I put together is entitled “Nursing In The Skin Your In (From The Hood To The Hospital)”. Shared with the folx in the class a little bit about myself and my journey to becoming The Hood Nurse. I explained a few thangs about the path to nursing school and broke down how, and where, they could get scholarships from several places to pay for school. I chopped it with them about some difficulties a male nurse of color has to overcome in order to be effective in giving quality care, including racism. I also explained to the young people the many benefits that come with being a nurse such as; the gratification of helping another human being and watching them heal from their illnesses, the amount of time spent at home compared to the amount of time spent at work, because some nurses only work 3 days a week, and the fact that there is a chance to make a decent living as a nurse. In the video below I am explaining the wide variety of things a nurse can get into peep it out!

The last thing that I chopped it up with the class about was how being a nurse is a privilege and an honorable profession. People are trusting nurses with their lives and nurses are the ones who are largely responsible for those people going home feeling better.

I really love being a nurse ya’ll. I cannot believe that I get paid to help people for a living. What an awesome way to live, giving people hope and encouragement to help them heal. I get more out of this job than I give is how I feel and I would do it for free, but thankfully I gets to keep my roof and light on! There is nothing like doing what you love for a living ya’ll. I encourage each and everyone of you to follow you heart, dreams, and intuition to the life you are intended to live. I hope this is a bit joy in your day and thanks for taking your time to check out The Hood Nurse!


Love, Peace, and Knowledge Ya’ll


MaddHadda aka The Hood Nurse

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