Episode #1 Interview with Stephanie Fisher

Wuz Good My Peepo?,

I hope all has been well with ya’ll and you are living the life you aspire to. I am a firm believer in following dreams ya’ll. Ya boy has been on the grind as usual constantly trying to get something done. From workin on the new video postz to trying to get into doing public appearances. More to come on that real soon! As promised we bout to switch up the postz a lil bit. I had the privilege of visiting George Fox University, the college I graduated from, to interview one of my favorite nursing professors, Stephanie Fisher MSN, FNP, RN. It was fun sitting down with the professor and getting to know her a lil bit better. Peep the video ya’ll and leave a comment if you wanna! There are more interviews coming ! I’m gonna hook ya’ll wit at much info as possible! Thanks for peepin out The Hood Nurse!



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