Da Gall Bladder

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Yoooo, My Peepo.

I hope all ya’ll good and blessings is coming yo way. I know its been a while since I posted something , but I its time for me to start back getting it in. I have been busy and dealing with life, which has been crazy. Ya’ll know how how it goes. Sometimes we get distracted and get off track and then we remember we got to get back to chasing them dreams cuz aint no body gonna do it for us. So, I am back on the grind and ready to hook ya’ll up with the break down of some new topics. This particular post is gonna be about the gall bladder which is the part of your body that helps you break down the fatty food we eat.

The gall bladder is located just below your liver which is in the right side of yo abdomen (stomach). The gall bladder is filled with something called “bile” (Bye al) which is made by yo liver . The liver makes the bile and stores it in yo gall bladder. So,  when you eat food that has grease or fatty foods, like some bomb ass fried chicken or buttery biscuits, your gall bladder squeezes and pushes the bile out to help break down the greasy food you just swallowed. Then yo body takes the fat and stuffs it in yo booty, belly, thighs, arms…You get the point.

There are few things that can happen when yo gall bladder aint workin right. One of those things is called cholecystitis  (col-ee-sis-eye-tis). This is when you get an infection which causes yo gall bladder to flare up and gives yo a hella bad stomach ache. The infection can come from something you ate, or from the bacteria that is already hanging out in yo body. Usually if some one presses on yo belly when you have this kind of infection, you feel like like bussin them in they face. The name for when some one  presses on yo belly while yo have this kind of infection is called Murphy’s Sign. Usually the doctor will have you take a deep breath and then push on your stomach to see if you have pain in the right side of your belly. This is a test used by doctors or nurse practitioners that helps them to diagnose you with (col-ee-sis-eye-tis).  Of course there are other tests like C.T. scans that make the diagnosis definite, but Murphy’s Sign is pretty accurate.

So, when you have this problem you will be getting antibiotics to get rid of the infection. Also, most of the time the docs will have you not eating anything and only drinking clear liquids, which helps give yo gall bladder a break from working to break down them fatty foods.  This is known as bowel rest. Usually, if you are in the hospital you will get IV antibiotics for a couple days and then they will send you home with a prescription for more antibiotics for a few more days.

Another issue that can happen with yo gall bladder is when you have “gall stones” which is a large build up of fats that were not able to be broken down and it creates “stones” or rock like things that get stuck in yo gall bladder. The pain from this comes from when yo bladder squeezes and presses against the stones and there is a huge build up of bile in yo gall bladder that makes the problem even worse. So, what happens when you have a build up of stones in yo gall bladder is usually taking yo gall bladder out with with surgery. Your body is able to work without a gall bladder but when you eat fatty foods it causes you to have a stomach ache, so its best to change your diet so you can not have problems. I know its hard to change what you like to eat but its the best way to not have problems in the future with yo gall bladder, or if you had yo gall bladder removed from the stones, not having a major stomach ache.

This is just a quick break down of some things that can happen when you have problems with yo gall bladder. I hope this information helps you understand a little bit more about yo body and what can happen with yo Gall Bladder.


Have a blessed one My Peepo.

MaddHadda The Hood Nurse