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I hope ya’ll are well and life is what you are making it. I been trying to get a few different things done. Workin on creating more content for the site, and connect with the right folx to keep this thing growing. I tend to try to keep myself busy cuz I dont do real well just sitting around. My philosophy is, I would rather people watch what I’m doin, cuz I aint got no time to watch what everybody else is doin. So in the coming months Imma be grindin to take thehoodnurse.com to higher levels. Imma thank ya’ll in advance for your support cuz I can’t do this without ya’ll help. Moving on…

For this post I wanted to try to break down what DNA is, what it does, and break down a few thangs about what happens when DNA aint functioning right. Now most peepo know that DNA is their “genes” but really dont understand how it works. DNA is responsible for the creation of proteins, cell structure, and cell function. So, let’s break that down a bit…

Inside of a cell are a gang of different parts working in harmony with each other to make a cell function. The main thangs we gone discuss are RNA ribonucleic acid (rybo-new-klee-ik acid) and DNA Deoxyribonucleic acid (Dee-oxy-rybo new-klee-ik acid). These two nucleic acids store and process info inside the cell. So, ya’ll know that DNA is in the center or nucleus of the cell. RNA mainly hangs out in the cytosol, or liquid part of the cell. Now there are 3 kinds of RNA yo, Messenger RNA, Transfer RNA, and Ribosomal (Rybo-soo-mal) RNA. The dope part comes next…

Ahight, this is where the process of making some thangs with DNA goes down. There is an enzyme that hangs out in the nucleus of the cell called RNA polymerase (Pol-em-er-ase). This enzyme acts kinda like a zipper on DNA. It splits the helix of the DNA apart and reads small sections of it at a time. In fact, the enzyme reads the nucleotides (New-klee-o-tides)  of DNA 3 at time . The nucleotides of DNA are Adenine (A-din-eeen), Guanine (Gwan-eeen), Cytosine (Sy-toe-seeen), and Thymine (Thy-meeen) which thymine is only in DNA. The RNA nucleotides are the same as DNA, except RNA has a nucleotide called Uracil (Yur-a-sil) in place of the Thymine in DNA.

The 3 nucleotides that RNA polymerase reads gives it instructions to create a new “chain” of  Messenger RNA. The new chain of Messenger RNA leaves nucleus of the cell (cuz it knows it’s roll) and hooks up with a Transfer RNA. The Transfer RNA reads the Messenger RNA chain and creates a protein by reading the Messenger RNA chain 3 nucleotides at a time. Each set of 3 tells the Transfer RNA which amino acids to attach together to make a protein. These proteins are then used by the cell for creating the cell skeleton, cell membrane proteins (including receptors), and cell secretions.

Now that you got a quick break down of some of what DNA does, now lets chop it up about a few ways it goes wrong, and some of what happens when it goes wrong…

Ahight, sometimes when the DNA strand is being read by the RNA polymerase the RNA polymerase misreads the DNA strand, or the DNA strand is missing a nucleotide, or there is an extra nucleotide. The result of these problems is a protein that don’t work right. So, what happens is the cells have receptors don’t work right, which can cause problems when the cells with bad receptors are sent messages from other cells in the body. The cell with the bad proteins may have problems with their cell structure, or may send out the wrong message. In any case when the DNA strand is not right, or is not read correctly, it causes a gang of different problems in the body.

I hope this information will help some of ya’ll understand DNA a little bit better, or it inspires you to go get a deeper understanding of how DNA works for ya self. This post is going to lead well into the next post where I will be touching on what I know about cancer, and about some of the treatments used to help folx with cancer. All this information was taken from, The Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology (8th edition) by Martini and Nath

Thank ya’ll for taking the time to check out thehoodnurse.com. I hope ya’ll stay blessed!

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