Aww Man!

Wut up world?! I hope all is good with ya'll. It has been a crazy week and a great number of thangs have happened since the last post. This week I want to explain something that most people know about but it is rarely explained in a way that makes sense, and that is blood… Continue reading Aww Man!

Not all there!

Wuz good world?! Okay people, as I told yall in the last post ya boy is a nurse in the NW. What I did not disclose is that ya boy specializes in the field of cardiology. For those who do not know, cardiology is focused on all things related to the heart. As I mentioned,… Continue reading Not all there!

About Da Nurse

Me About to Start Work
Wuz good world? I'm MaddHadda. I am a 38 year RN living in the Northwest. I was born and raised in Southern California. I use the broad term since I moved around a great deal as a child. I am a mixed human with African American and Caucasian parents. Just a little insight about my background.… Continue reading About Da Nurse