It’s A Monster

  Wuz Good My Peepo? I hope all is well with y'all and the world is turnin in the right direction for y'all. I have been movin like crazy, including my address. I been out in the community trying get the word out about The Hood Nurse movement. I have been speaking at universities and… Continue reading It’s A Monster
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Lock Down: Da Quarantine

Wuz good my peepo? Its been a min since I posted. I hope all of you are well and the world is spinnin in the right direction for you. Ya boy been super busy, but a little bit more than usual in this case. Of course there has been a gang of thangs happening recently… Continue reading Lock Down: Da Quarantine


Yooo, wuz good my peepo. I hope ya'll are well and life is what you are making it. I been trying to get a few different things done. Workin on creating more content for the site, and connect with the right folx to keep this thing growing. I tend to try to keep myself busy… Continue reading D.N.A.

The Ups and Downs

Yooo, What's good my people? I hope ya'll are well and life is treating ya'll well. It has been a cool minute since I have written a post, and Imma put ya'll up on why. Life has been incredibly crazy for me, and a gang of things have happened since my last post. I never… Continue reading The Ups and Downs